Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wonderful Buyers - Great Ideas!

I have wonderful buyers. I could exclamation this but it really is a simple statement with a huge story behind it. My buyers prod me with requests for new color combinations like Mary of fabmosaics did with the Burgundy and Purple Spun Glass Beads. That little request had me checking different reds to find the right color that would sparkle. The Purple I knew would because it was clear, but the reds were a mismatch of opaques that I wasn't sure would do the bead justice. Luckily some of the newer reds are coming out part opaque and part clear giving that coveted sparkle I was looking for! My latest request has been a hoot! Terry of teresavainoris wanted beads that looked like lettuce and cucumbers... Well, to say it hasn't been interesting would be an understatement. I'm hoping that I can beg, borrow or steal a picture from Terry once she is finished with her bracelet. Which brings me to my latest style of beads. The SLICE. It really isn't new. I have been making them for the River Rock Series, but I thought that it would REALLY be pretty to have THIN slices of color. I've discovered that glass other then River Rock can be extremely soupy when it comes to making the slim slices. I was having bead release issues and glass that completely let go from the mandrel! The bead would be finished and off it would go sliding across the mandrel as if being chased by the flame! I thought it was a fluke the first time it happened, but when it happened over and over again, me desperately attempting to stop the skidding wheel of glass from leaving the mandrel completely, I became convinced there has to be something to the percentage of glass adhering to mandrel and any force applied to it. If it is a small area, IT DOESN'T LIKE IT. I have to giggle, because it is just me, Lady and Callie watching these spinning wheels as they desperately attempt to escape. I shout out, here comes another one girls! (there are a few choice expletives that have been deleted for the general public) Usually, any shouting gets Callie to high tail it out of the room to safety and Lady follows figuring Callie must know something she doesn't. By that time I have wrangled the rascal back to the end of the mandrel where it belongs. Oh, I didn't mention the fact that the bead FIRST comes running towards me, my fingers, and then when I tip it to not hit my hand it turns and runs back towards the end. It's like trying to manage a seesaw! Luckily I have these wonderful tweezers that aren't really tweezers, not sure what you would call them, no serrations, and I use those to grab it, set it back on the release and reheat and polish. Just another interesting day in the Linden household!


mairedodd said...

it's the artists like you that the designers love so much! you make our ideas concrete and it is so very appreciated... i really liked 'reliving' a moment in your studio... who knew that it could be like that? not i! it gives an even greater appreciation of what you are doing with the flame...

MaryAnn said...

Mary Jane,

I'm so glad you liked my exciting torching sessions that I have been having lately. Who would of known it could be so exciting!

If my cat and dog could talk boy would they have stories to tell! Most of the time they are just outside the door where it is safe, lurking and waiting for me to take a break. But, sometimes Callie, will come in and pat me on the arm to remind me that it is time to scratch her ears. They are a hoot and keep me grounded.

I appreciate my buyers so much! I get so many ideas from them! And, thank you so much for commenting on my blog!


Erin said...

those are so totally my colours these days. rockin.