Saturday, May 30, 2009

Buyers Creations

My buyers are a talented group of Artists! They take what I make and do a little magic with all of their wonderful components to make a new one of a kind design. These beads are part of my Old Paint series and I love what Diane of
dianeh2468 has done with these beads! She hasn't opened a store at Etsy, but after seeing these two creations I believe she should consider it. I love the red coral she used with these beads. Perfect color coordination. When I see what my buyers do with my beads I get more ideas of what I can do with the glass that is available. It is so much fun!

Vicki Murphie of Sasha321 took my simple Tomato Bisque crystals and turned them into these beautiful earings! She wrote to me and told me that she used Higher Chakra Supply earing wires which are those twirls of metal you see above the bead. I'm very impressed with how these components all work so well together.

Priscilla of PGsGemspiration took some of my blue marble beads and turned them into this wonderful creation. She calls them Blueberry, which is fitting! I have to reiterate again that I have the most wonderfule buyers! They keep me thinking out of the box and challenging me to come up with something unique that they can use in their designs. Even the simple bead is turned into something gorgeous in their designs! And, I thank them wholeheartedly for their continued support and friendship!


Priscilla said...

Thank you so much for featuring my bracelet on your blog. What a blessing! You have gorgeous beads!

l'actrice said...

It's wonderful to see what your buyers do with your gorgeous beads!