Monday, May 4, 2009

Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!

Just when I think things are going to calm down, I couldn't be more wrong! Unfortunately, in the middle of it all are TAXES! Am I the only one who is still working on their taxes? The combination of moving last year and that my computer crashed has not been fun! Do I need to say more?! What has been fun is working with some new glass and seeing the interesting results I have been getting out of it! One of my favorite new glasses is giving me the variety of River Rock bead styles I love to make. I really would like to get feedback on these beads as I add different styles with this glass. So far I have nuggets, slices, chips, disks and spacers. Most of the time I etch the beads for that satin river rock look I'm looking for.

What has been really fun is being able to stretch and find new ways to use this glass. I love the slices because they are such a simple easy way for someone to wear an unusual bead that will definitely be a conversation starter. IMHO of course. I have to find my html book, but where it is after the move, who knows. I can't remember how you get two pictures to align next to each other. I keep getting these big vast open blank spaces of white. So I guess I will have to move the picture to the middle. If anyone who reads this knows how to get two pictures to align next to each other please comment. PLEASE!!

As you can see in the slices they are perfect for earings or even as part of a necklace or bracelet. I have made them two ways; with the hole up more towards the top or more centered. Since they are an irregular form centering isn't really a perfect center. I'm taking this style and incorporating it now into using it with other types of glass. I will be posting more pictures later. A regular disk which is just glass that has been melted being wound onto a mandrel shows the glass in its first originally melted form as it leaves the rod. That is a very interesting way to see the variations in the original glass. But, I have discovered making the slices that it is like actually taking a slice out of a fully melted piece of glass where it has had a chance to melt, change color and all the weird gradiations are there to be seen. Interesting development.

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