Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Some more creations from my wonderful creative buyers. Helen of TheBeadSmyth created this lovely unique necklace! Included in the necklace are faceted green labradorite teardrops and big turquoise magnesite rondelles with handmade ceramic Mykonos washer beads as spacers. The two pairs of earrings were created by Anne of Glasshousedesigns10. She said that she used sterling earwires, resin and czech beads in her creations. It is always a pleasure for me to see what happens with the beads I sell. I always wonder how they will be used in a design, and as these many posts have portrayed, they all definitely are unique! You can't go wrong with a handmade, unique, individual design. IMHO it is much better then what everyone else is buying out of the chain stores.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Something New For Me - Project Wonderful

Well, I have bit the bullet and dove in without a life jacket, (good grief!) and have decided to try out Project Wonderful. If you haven't heard of Project Wonderful it is an innovative way of advertising. I definitely admit right up front that I cannot explain how it all works, but in simple terms I would say in comparing it to Google ads; Google works on the per click theory, Project Wonderful works on the Auction theory. What does Auction theory mean? Well it means that whomever at that particular second wants to pay the most, which is usually pennies, for a spot on a particular blog, or website, gets the spot. It gives the person who is on a limited budget an opportunity to have ads all over the place for a very nominal fee. In theory you keep the ad until someone else comes along and bids a higher price. It is possible to keep it for quite a while, days, and other ads will only last for a little while. It just depends on the location of the ad and how popular the site is and how you set up your parameters which is something I am still trying to figure out.

There is a system called a Campaign which is more convoluted and I will get into that later. At the moment I am still doing the manual bidding which can be interesting especially when you discover that you are bidding against yourself!!! I found that out quite by accident the other day when I found an ad that I didn't realize I already had. Silly me, I thought I would snap that sucker up real quick before anyone else got it and lo and behold I find out the next day, it was me I was bidding against! To this day I'm not quite sure how I did that! Why I didn't see my ad there in the first place! Yeesh! What was I thinking! Though, there is a constant state of bidding going on. One second you are on, the next you are off. But, then you are back on, because someone else decided to back off. Yikes! It is enough to give you gray hair! Oh, sorry. I've already got that. You've got the idea. I think I will just let you dip your toe into the vast waters of Project Wonderful. Come on in, the waters fine!!