Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Poll

I want to ask my buyers and anyone else out there who has an opinion to please give me some input on this situation:

After you purchase an item online do you expect or want to hear personally from the seller that they have received your order?

I ask because I've been comparing the many different places that I have purchased items from online, from Amazon to Office Depot, and when I compared the different businesses I felt that Amazon was the most similar venue when comparing to Etsy and Artfire. On all of the sites when I purchase, the host site sends you, the buyer, an e-mail confirming your purchase. I have looked back through my purchases and I can't find any additional correspondence from the actual seller concerning the sale. That's to say I haven't heard from them if everything is going smoothly. If they have a problem with my address or there was a problem with the order, then I heard from them. Up to this point I didn't think it was necessary, but I am now curious to see what everyone else thinks.

If this interests you please leave a comment!


Ellerie Jewelry Design said...

I prefer to hear back from sellers, that way I know they actually got my order. It feels a little more real. Back in the days of only phone orders there was no question... there was a person! It makes things a bit more personal. Good question.

Ellen Farris
Ellerie Jewelry Design

zsazsazsu said...

I this it is polite to let the seller know that the package arrived safely. I like also to know that everything is ok when I sell. I always ask for feedback on
the purchased item.

Jenny J-V said...

I like hearing from the lets you know that they really got your order and they aren't on vacation or something. :)

MaryAnn said...

Good points from you three. I hadn't really thought about the importance of me contacting the buyers because I thought it was redundant, but you are right that a buyer would wonder if the order had gone through. And, Sandra took my question from the other direction, as a Seller wanting to know that the package had arrived. Especially with my International buyers, I would really love hearing the package arrived and how long it took. I'm asked all the time how long will it take to get to XYZ country and I really don't know if there is a huge difference in countries. Hope to hear from more people!


Shelly said...

Hi. I'm a seller and a buyer. Maybe more of a buyer than a seller. Any way one of the things I like about etsy, ebay, and other sites is the comunication from sellers and buyers. I love that it is personable. If you bought something in a store person to person there is comunication. I agree with the other comments... when buying something from someone it is nice to hear from them and that they appreciate your business. In turn I always send them a personal note to let them know my item arrived safe and sound. I'm not talking about feedback either, though I do leave it. We must run our business as if we were one on one with each other. Just as if they were standing before us. Think about how you would feel if a business person in front of you ignored you. It should be no difference in the Internet world.

Shelly Scott
frippery frosting

ingermaaike said...

I like to hear back from buyers, at least to know the item has arrived. But on the same news is good news :-D as in if I have heard nothing it has probably arrived and if found to be ok.

ingermaaike said...

As a seller I like to acnowledge having received the order and tell when I am shipping.