Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Burst of Color With Peyote Stitch

Oh, my goodness! I do love this bracelet! I have tried Peyote stitch and loved the look, the flow of the design, and that you didn't have to be perfect. Which brings me to this style, the Freeform. I didn't even know that it had a name! My first exposure to this medium was from a book one of my neighbors lent me, Exquisite Beaded Jewelry by Lynda S. Musante. That was my first look at incorporating lampwork beads within the design. But, what really captured my interest was how she had designs that flowed all over the place, stopping and starting new rows that weren't connected. Definitely my cup of tea!

This wonderful bracelet was made by MaryLou who has a shop on Etsy called time2cre8. The bold use of color drew me in for a closer look, and then I found myself meandering around loving the changes in the color and size of the beads. Gorgeous!

I had promised myself that this year I was going to break out of my lampwork fixation and get back to my roots of doing watercolor, prismacolor, or even back to oils. And, I have all of my Scratchboard's just waiting for new designs. I even moved them so I should really use them. And, then I saw this bracelet and it reinvigorated me to pick back up that bracelet I started a couple years ago. Boy, does time fly! So thank you MaryLou for figuratively giving me a kick in the hiney!

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