Friday, July 3, 2009

What in the heck have I been doing?

Boy, is that the question of the day, week, year! Mary Jane of mairedodd gave me a challenge which I had to try out. I'm still working on it when I get a chance, (that brings up what in the heck have I been doing), but it involved trying out making large holed rings. What an interesting proposition! I so far have made them on the 1/4 inch mandrels which I usually use for the silver cored large holed beads. I need the larger hole so that the silver core size I like will fit in perfectly. What is different about the beads Mary Jane was looking for was a thinner band and thicker in depth if that makes sense. I got a few that I liked and now I want to make some on the 1/2 inch mandrel. Unfortunately, I only have one of those so I can only do one at a time.

At the same time I decided to go ahead an stock up my Artfire store. I have been torching like a crazy person getting my stock pile of goods available for each store. And, to add more excitement to the pot I got in my order of Mykonos Greek Ceramic beads. I have drooled over these beads forever! I love the colors and the silver beads are amazing! Do you know how long it takes to add that many beads to two venues? Forever....

So that is what I have been up to, and trying to get ready for the 4th. So, I better run for now!

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mairedodd said...

i love mykonos beads... they are gorgeous and such a compliment to the glass... glad you are carrying them now... i thank you for working on so many custom things for me... you are a saint and very much appreciated! happy weekend!