Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our New Family Member - Lucy

This picture isn't the best, I took it with my phone, but it is Lucy having Acupuncture. And, that brings me to who Lucy is. She was rescued by the Austin/San Antonio Cocker Rescue and we adopted her a month ago. We don't have all the past info on her, but from x-rays the Vets could tell that she had broken her leg and it had been wired. At some point the wire broke and was poking her which made her stop using that leg. When the Austin/San Antonio got her they then had the wire removed. She now has an issue because she hasn't used her leg for so long that she has arthritis in her joints and her mind tells her that she shouldn't be walking on the leg. But, we did notice that when she ran she did put her leg down a lot more.

So, that brings us to her seeing a vet in our area that does Chiropractic and Acupuncture. What was funny is that Lucy discovered that if she can get up she can shake all of those needles right off of her body! So now, we have to keep her occupied so that she won't want to get up.

Lucy has been so much fun having around and she is getting Lady, our other Cocker to get up and move around. Maybe even a bit of chasing around the house!


niftyknits said...

now some might think acupuncture on a dog a little strange...but not me. Oh no. After all, if a knitted meerkat can have acupuncture, I think it's perfectly appropriate!

MaryAnn said...

Oh, Heather you are soooo funny! Yes, only a meerkat could have acupuncture!