Saturday, August 1, 2009

Design Using Greek Beads

Joanne Feissle of Designer Linx Jewelry sent me these pictures and I am in love with the simplicity and elegance of these designs. If you love silver and lapis blue you will love this necklace and matching earings. I always wonder what is going to happen with the beads my buyers purchase and as usual I am so impressed! In this design she used the Mykonos Silver Washers as a striking contrast to the Blue Lapis Rondelles. Gorgeous combination! Now I am looking at my chunky disks and thinking, hmmmm, I should do a necklace with this same idea of interspersing the silver disks to pop out the color of each bead. Months back I had made for myself some silver disks out of PMC, my first attempt at trying to figure out how that clay worked. And, then I got busy and didn't make anything more until just recently. That will be another post.

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mairedodd said...

beautiful... i am so glad you are carrying the mykonos beads - they are such a great accent!