Saturday, February 14, 2009

Unusual Reaction

This is Red Copper Green when I got an unusual reaction; shiny! I haven't been able to achieve this same reaction since. I have talked to glass suppliers and other lampworkers and haven't been able to come up with why or how I did this in the first place. What I get now is the usual; see below. This golden red is sooo gorgeous that I spent the better part of a two weeks going through two to three rods of glass while at the same time changing the setting on my propane, concentrator, and cleaning my torch. All to no avail! I can't get the same result. And, I remember distinctly that it happened right away. I have some disks that also had the same reaction and that tells me that I really had to do it quickly otherwise the disks would have shattered in the cold air, and/or I would have lost the design of the spiral on the disks.

What this reminds me of is a haze of turquoise over the dark red, which barely shows. If you saw the rod of glass before it melted you wouldn't believe the difference. It is dark red with a core of turquoise. These are pretty in their own right, I just wish I could get the original effect to happen again! I also discovered that getting this result is varied if you notice that some are redder than others.

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