Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I've been working on different reactions that I get in the Bubble beads. What a variety of reactions! I need to start a way of keeping track of what I did, because the variation can be so different. I think my first job will be to name the mandrels as they go into the kiln. The top focal came out perfect! It has all the color combinations, a great shift in the irridescent color hues, and the darker looking bubbles. The three are almost the same except for the color of the bubbles which didn't really show up as much in this picture. Even though they are all ivory glass, there is one that is different. The next two are the same reactive glass, same base bead, but what a different color!

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nimblejacks said...

I so love your beads, I've bought a few from you through Etsy and they've been much admired in my felt jewellery! Oh for more money and I'd buy most of your shop. Nice to find you here on blogspot too