Friday, January 4, 2008

Glass, glass, and more glass

Somewhere out there is another Blogg that I started which was all about Tiffany lamps. Well, I finally did something about my love of glass and started my own business making lampworked glass beads. I have always loved glass and after I visited the Wimberley Glass Works in Wimberley I became even more fascinated with the whole process of making glass items. It was when a friend of mine, Vickie Hallmark, who is famous in her own right showed me how glass beads were made that I knew that I had found my niche. I have always been a dabbler in the arts, primarily in oils, watercolor, scratchboard, pen and ink, and colored pencil. What I like about lampworking is that you get an immediate result the same day you make your glass item. What a rush that is to see the finished product within hours after putting in the kiln.

What is so neat about this medium is that you never stop learning new tricks and techniques. Also it is one medium that the possiblilities are endless when it comes to what your end result will be. I can make a bead using the same colors as someone else and the beads will look completely different. I am hooked!! It you want to find me check out Etsy under LindenAvenueDesigns and for E-bay under Linden Avenue Designs.

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